The Soil Ninja Guide to Activated Charcoal

The Soil Ninja Guide to Activated Charcoal

Intriguing and possessing remarkable qualities, activated charcoal is a component that demands a closer examination. This extraordinary substance can be found in all our Premium Soil Blends (except Semi Hydro and Base Mix) due to its exceptional ability to eliminate toxins and harmful microorganisms by trapping them within its porous structure.

Whether in a chunky or fine form, activated charcoal excels at preventing root rot. We prefer using a finer grade to ensure it matches the grain size of other components and is evenly distributed throughout the substrate.

Moreover, activated charcoal serves as an excellent drainage element. Its porous structure not only allows for the free flow of air but also cleanses any stagnant pockets of air. Additionally, activated charcoal possesses a pH that typically ranges between neutral 6 to 7.5, making it an effective buffering component for soils that are too alkaline.

We value your opinion on this dark hero of ours.

In Summary:

  • A perfect component for every plant
  • Remarkable at removing toxins and harmful microorganisms
  • Helps maintain rot-free roots
  • Exhibits a pH that generally falls within the neutral range of 6 to 7.5
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