The Soil.Ninja Guide to Clay Pebbles

The Soil.Ninja Guide to Clay Pebbles

Beloved by passive hydroponics enthusiasts, clay balls (LECA) are a versatile and fantastic growing medium that has been utilised for various purposes over the years, ranging from aquarium biological filtration to drainage layers in tropical terrariums. When used alone, they are particularly effective for plant propagation and promoting accelerated growth.

Thanks to its porous nature, clay balls have a remarkable ability to evenly draw water, minerals, and nutrients from a reservoir directly to the roots that crave them. This eliminates the need for drainage holes in glass or ceramic pots, as simply filling a small reservoir from the top will ensure the entire system remains well-hydrated while delivering those essential nutrients to the roots!

The earthy tones of clay balls create a beautiful contrast against the fleshy white or red roots as they lovingly intertwine with the porous material. The significant gaps between the individual aggregates allow for free airflow, dramatically reducing the risk of rot and preventing the formation of stagnant areas where harmful microbes thrive.

Whether you call them clay balls, clay pebbles, or lightweight expanded clay aggregate, we absolutely adore their versatility and stunning appearance inside a simple glass vessel. They are especially useful for cultivating more demanding plants by providing a constant source of hydration without the drawbacks of waterlogged conditions.

In Summary:

• An excellent option for entering the world of hydroponics
• Achieve full plant growth with clay pebbles and nutrient supplementation
• Ideal for creating effective drainage layers
• Minimises the presence of harmful microbes while maintaining humidity levels
• Provides an easy way to monitor your plant's root health

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