The Soil.Ninja Guide to Coco Coir

The Soil.Ninja Guide to Coco Coir

Coco Coir: Exploring a New Era of Growing! Derived from the coconut industry, this byproduct has emerged as an exceptional choice for planting substrates, making it a fundamental component in all our premium mixes.

While peat moss is commonly used in many commercial blends, it's important to understand that peat is a non-renewable resource that takes an incredibly long time to regenerate. Peatlands harbor fascinating and endangered plant species and serve as the largest terrestrial carbon reservoirs on Earth. Moreover, peat is ill-suited for the majority of houseplants.

Unlike peat moss, Coco Coir presents a stark contrast. It is an incredibly versatile medium that is renewable and environmentally friendly. Coco Coir can be seamlessly integrated into any desired mix! It offers rapid drainage, maintains a neutral pH, and can be easily customized with aggregates and soil amendments. Consider it the artist's canvas of substrates! Even when kept moist, Coco Coir doesn't exhibit the undesirable behavior of compacting around plant roots that often occurs with peat moss. Additionally, it has an extended breakdown period, making it a fantastic choice even if repotting is delayed.

All hail Glen Coco, for Coco Coir reigns supreme!

In Summary:

• A superb foundation for planting mixes
• Superior to peat moss
• Sustains physical properties for a longer duration
• Neutral pH
• Exhibits unique water retention capabilities
• Facilitates improved drainage

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