The Soil.Ninja Guide to Grit

The Soil.Ninja Guide to Grit

Unveiling the Enchanting World of Lithophytic Behaviour. If the term leaves you squinting, simply envision "Rock lovers!" and the perfect way to satisfy their cravings at home? Grit! An inert and splendid potting medium that adds a remarkably dense touch.

Grit serves as a fantastic amendment or even a base for numerous xeric plants, especially those like North American Cacti that thrive in rocky terrains or even nestled within rock crevices. While recreating their natural habitat entirely in our homes may not be necessary, incorporating a substance blend with a substantial grit base offers an incredible opportunity to awaken those delicate, rock-loving roots!

Not only does grit significantly enhance drainage, but it also supports the natural behaviours of xeric plants. For instance, when astrophytums or lophophora cacti become dehydrated, they retract against their roots and seek refuge deeper underground to avoid intense sun exposure. This vital response is only possible when a dense sediment like grit is present in the potting mix!

Even if you don't keep lithophytes, using grit as a plant topper is a thing of beauty and effectively prevents the proliferation of fungus gnats. Still apprehensive about incorporating a heavier material like grit into your potting mix? We highly recommend giving it a try and exploring the myriad of fabulous possibilities it offers in terrariums, pot arrangements, seed cultivation, and even aquarium keeping! It truly is a remarkable material that brings a raw and authentic touch to our meticulously curated plant havens. Experience it for yourself!

In Summary:

• An ideal component for xeric plants
• Acts as a plant topper, preventing fungus gnats
• Provides excellent drainage
• Perfect for use in terrariums

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