The Soil.Ninja Guide to Perlite

The Soil.Ninja Guide to Perlite

Perlite: The Lightweight Volcanic Wonder! These airy glass beads of volcanic rock bring unmatched versatility to the table. With their highly porous structure and minimal water retention in soil mixes, they are truly an all-purpose amendment!

Incorporating a finer grade of this remarkable material not only enhances drainage but also allows for the retention and gradual release of nutrients when water is present. Additionally, its neutral pH level of 7-7.5 makes it gentle on delicate roots.

From an aesthetic standpoint, the pearly white appearance of perlite lends a charming "salt and pepper" look to the soil, indicating the presence of enhanced drainage. Despite being technically classified as glass, it showcases a beautiful matte finish with a full-bodied pearlescent sheen.

Just remember to lightly mist bags of raw perlite with water or wear a mask while handling and mixing it to avoid inhaling any dust particles that may linger in the airways.

In Summary:

• Exhibits low water retention in soil blends
• Enhances drainage in a remarkable way
• Acts as a reservoir for nutrients, gradually releasing them into the soil
• Possesses a highly porous structure

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