The Soil.Ninja Guide to Pumice

The Soil.Ninja Guide to Pumice

Introducing the Remarkable Potential of Coarse Pumice in Potting Substrates. While Coarse Pumice is well-known for its exfoliating properties for dry skin, it also serves as an outstanding aggregate amendment in potting mixes. This volcanic rock byproduct undergoes expansion in extremely high temperatures and is then finely ground into beautiful, chunky rocks. Its higher density compared to perlite ensures that it won't float to the top of the pot when used in a chunky, well-draining mix.

Thanks to its porous nature, water containing essential minerals and nutrients can penetrate areas of the pot that are drier, without compromising the excellent airflow. Coarse Pumice is particularly well-suited for plants with robust, voluminous roots. These roots will effortlessly embrace the Pumice's extensive surface area, finding comfort in its presence.

Moreover, you can explore the full potential of this component by utilising it alone in a high-humidity environment for propagation—it works wonders! You'll witness rapid and vigorous root growth, resulting in exceptionally healthy and content plants.

In Summary:

• Enhances aeration in soil mixes for improved plant health
• Stimulates the growth of mycorrhizae, beneficial to plant roots
• An ideal medium for propagation

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