The Soil.Ninja Guide to Sand

The Soil.Ninja Guide to Sand

Introducing Sand: The Ideal Micro Aggregate for Plants with Delicate Root Systems. Sand has long been used as a soil amendment, offering a fantastic composition when thoroughly mixed.

Due to its relatively large particles, sand absorbs minimal water. It also aids in preventing clumping around roots, making it easy to handle and remove during repotting. Delicate and intricate roots can tightly grip the soil mix, while sand creates a well-balanced gradient for proper drainage and support. And let's not forget its effectiveness in controlling fungus gnats!

We have a genuine fondness for working with sand, and we're not just talking about building sandcastles.

In Summary:

• A layer of sand on top can ward off fungus gnats
• An excellent component for plants with fine and sensitive root systems
• Collaborates with other mediums to enhance drainage

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