The Soil.Ninja Guide to Worm Castings

The Soil.Ninja Guide to Worm Castings

Frass, castings, manure, waste - regardless of the term you prefer, we're here to discuss the incredible benefits of worm castings!

Although it may seem unusual to incorporate worm excrement into our pots, trust us, there's nothing quite like it. Bursting with an abundance of macro and micro nutrients, this miraculous amendment will revolutionise your soil structure, enhance root support, and maximise hydration like never before!

Worm castings surpass compost in terms of humus content and offer unparalleled fertilisation potential. Simply incorporating them into your soil mix or using them as a top dressing will significantly improve your plants' access to a plentiful food source!

As these marvelous worm byproducts originate from our beloved wriggly friends, it's natural to occasionally find some additional companions in the bags. Baby worms, Springtails, and Isopods, these amazing arthropods act as ideal house guests, as they have the remarkable ability to target and eliminate decaying plant matter, dead roots, and harmful fungi. They diligently process this material, transforming it into perfectly edible nutrients for your plants! Moreover, beneficial bacteria, fungi, and microorganisms also thrive in this nutrient-rich substance, playing a vital role in maintaining a healthy root system.

It's worth noting that worm castings are produced on a much smaller scale, typically involving around 30,000 worms in a large drum.

If you're not keen on hosting these additional guests, a simple solution is to microwave the substrate in 20-second intervals for a minute or so to eliminate all living matter.

Still feeling hesitant about using worm castings as toppers or blends? How about worm castings tea? Unlike compost tea, which takes a considerable amount of time to form before being used to irrigate plant beds, you can quickly create a nutrient-rich liquid by combining just a couple of tablespoons of worm castings with warm water. This tea serves as an excellent supplement for watering your plants or feeding those in semi-hydroponic setups!

Remember to strain out the worm castings if you prefer not to incorporate them into your soil or if you're using the tea for semi-hydroponic plants.

In Summary:

• Hosts incredible arthropods like baby worms, Springtails, and Isopods.
• Offers a natural method of fertilising your plants.
• Boasts versatile applications.
• Facilitates excellent moisture retention.

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