Winning Gold at RHS Chelsea Flower Show

Winning Gold at RHS Chelsea Flower Show

In May 2022, we had the honour of participating in The Plant Clinic at the Chelsea Flower Show. We were invited by Sarah (The Plant Rescuer) and Mark from Happy Houseplants, alongside other incredible small businesses like; Worcester Terrariums, Liquid Gold Leaf, Raft Furniture, Malvern Garden Buildings, Soltech Solutions, Sandy Bay London and Rosewood Living Walls.

Being a part of The Plant Clinic and working with such an amazing team was an absolute pleasure. And to top it all off, we were thrilled to receive a gold medal! To learn more about The Plant Clinic and to see our video coverage of the event, continue reading below.

Houseplants are often treated as disposable items, similar to wilted flowers. However, they are living beings that bring so much to our lives. It's our responsibility to do our best to help them thrive. The increasing popularity of houseplants is a testament to people's desire to reconnect with nature and incorporate it into their lives. Buying plants, swapping cuttings, or growing from seeds allows us to experience the magic of watching them grow. By making room for plants, showing them kindness, engaging our senses, and learning their preferences, they will enrich our lives in return. The Plant Clinic serves as an interactive space where people can learn how to better care for their plants.

The Plant Clinic focused on essential aspects of plant care and demonstrated techniques to revitalise struggling plants. By following these key steps, plant enthusiasts were encouraged to give their plants a chance instead of discarding them.

The Plant Clinic featured the following:

Steam Room: Providing a more humid and controlled environment, such as placing tropical houseplants in glass cabinets or terrariums, can be beneficial.

Jacuzzi: Increasing the oxygen levels in the water, which accelerates the propagation process.

Soil Bar: Offering custom potting mixes formulated to promote root growth.

Juice Bar: Adding nutrients to the soil to provide plants with essential elements for their own food production.

Solarium: Ensuring plants receive the appropriate amount of light, as it is crucial for their growth.

These elements of The Plant Clinic aimed to educate and empower plant lovers to nurture and revive their plants, appreciating their potential rather than discarding them.

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