Exploring Specialist Components

Exploring Specialist Components

Join us as we dive into the world of specialist components. We’ll explore the latest additions to our new range: Akadama, Lava Rock, Tree Fern Fibre, and Molar Clay, and discover how each benefits your houseplants.

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First up, Akadama! This remarkable Japanese export is a porous clay aggregate formed from volcanic minerals, cherished by bonsai enthusiasts and cultural leaders for centuries. We're thrilled to offer this extraordinary component.

But Akadama isn't just for bonsai collectors. Xeric plant lovers also prize this material for its exceptional porosity and superior moisture and nutrient retention, surpassing pumice, perlite, and even zeolite!

Visually, Akadama is stunning. When dry, it has a beautifully textured matte appearance. When watered, it turns a rich, deep brown, showcasing its ability to transport water efficiently. Additionally, Akadama serves as a handy indicator for watering needs—its lighter, dry tone signals when it's time to water your plants.

Component Highlights:

  • Ideal for bonsai trees
  • Great for cacti staging
  • Suitable for terrarium species
  • Excellent for seed starting tropical plants
  • Perfect as a soil topper
  • Fantastic medium for Begonias

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We're excited to offer this special component! Our high-quality, durable lava rock stands out for its sturdiness compared to typical offerings. A cornerstone in horticulture, lava rock is excellent for garden beds, rockeries, bonsai, aquaculture, terrariums, and now, your potted plants. It’s one of the best aerators available for both dry and humid plant mixes.

With its extremely porous structure, finding a stable, small-sized lava rock can be challenging, but we’ve succeeded in sourcing a superior grade. This material has a neutral pH and an unmatched ability to support beneficial bacteria and fungi. The typical color range includes muddy red, dark brown, and near-black obsidian.

Component Highlights:

  • Fantastic drainage amendment allowing for fast air flow
  • Great as a soil topper
  • Can be added to semi-hydro systems for extra oxygen
  • Perfect for cacti
  • Ideal for propagation
  • Suitable for aroid amendments

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For Anthurium and epiphyte enthusiasts, this natural tree fern product is unmatched in helping even the toughest Anthuriums root and thrive. After ensuring an ethical source, we are proud to offer tree fern from 100% farmed and maintained land in New Zealand, supporting both tree fern populations and forest biodiversity.

Tree fern’s unique structure allows continuous water transport through long capillaries without cross-capillary movement, providing excellent aeration and moisture distribution. Its pH and sturdy structure are perfect for root attachment and fostering beneficial microbes. It’s also ideal for DIY backgrounds and moss poles, creating a comfortable environment for your plants.

Mixing tree fern into a soil blend brings its benefits into the pot, with constant water movement and great aeration. We highly recommend trying it in your Anthurium blends, moss poles, or terrarium backgrounds.

Component Highlights:

  • Perfect medium for epiphytes and aroids
  • Provides excellent airflow
  • Ensures even water distribution
  • Great for moss poles and backgrounds
  • Can be added to most blends

Buy New Zealand Tree Fern Fibre here.

Incorporate these specialist components into your plant care routine to significantly enhance the health and growth of your houseplants. Explore the range and find the perfect components to elevate your horticultural practice.

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