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Lava Rock

Lava Rock

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This completely inert aggregate, formed by rapidly cooling molten rock, is excellent for enhancing drainage in pots. Its superior porous structure is renowned globally for its ability to harbour beneficial microbes like bacteria and fungi while allowing air to circulate freely, preventing stagnant pockets and reducing the risk of root rot. The porous nature of lava rock also helps insulate plant roots from extreme temperatures, offering protection during both hot summers and cold winters. Additionally, its lightweight yet durable composition makes it an ideal choice for potted plants, providing stability without adding excessive weight.

With a neutral pH, lava rock is compatible with a wide range of plant species, making it a versatile option for various houseplant projects. Its natural texture and color also add visual appeal to plant displays, enhancing both indoor and outdoor spaces. In summary, lava rock is not only a practical choice for improving drainage and aeration but also enhances the overall health and aesthetics of potted plants.

Our Lava Rock grade ranges between 2-8mm.

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