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New Zealand Sphagnum Moss

New Zealand Sphagnum Moss

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About New Zealand Sphagnum Moss:
Besgrow Spagmoss originates from the untouched wetlands of New Zealand's South Island, harvested sustainably to ensure its renewable nature. Widely employed in nurturing orchids, moisture-loving plants, and supporting the habitats of reptiles, its versatility and inherent qualities make it indispensable. Rest assured, Besgrow Spagmoss guarantees a consistent supply, ensuring its availability for your gardening needs today and tomorrow.

This Moss serves a multitude of purposes across various hobbies. From enhancing decorative arrangements to aiding in the growth of young plants, its versatility knows no bounds. Carnivorous plant growers and reptile enthusiasts alike utilise it, alongside its application as a water retention booster in different substrates. Moreover, commercial and hobby orchid cultivators depend on it for the nurturing of diverse orchid species. In the floristry industry, it is a sought-after element, adding flair to floral compositions.

• Completely natural and renewable material
• Hand-selected and air-dried
• Pristine, with minimal foreign substances
• Absolutely free from chemicals or additives
• Ready for use straight from the packaging

Technical Specifications:
• pH: 4.8 | Electrical Conductivity (EC): 0.2 mS/cm
• Approximate Fibre Percentage (AFP): Around 55% in loose form
• Remarkable water retention capacity, 20 times its weight
• Low soluble salt content
• Comprised of lengthy and sturdy strands, inherently sustainable and renewable

Approximate Volume:
100g - Hydrates to approximately 8L
150g - Hydrates to approximately 12L
500g - Hydrates to approximately 40L

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