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Bark [Shredded]

Bark [Shredded]

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About Shredded Seedling Bark:
Ultra Fine Grade, a game-changer for seed starting! This premium product is meticulously crafted for optimal moisture retention, creating the perfect haven for delicate seedlings.

Our Ultra Fine Grade Shredded Bark offers a unique blend of texture, fostering ideal conditions for robust root development. It's the ultimate seed starting medium, providing the perfect balance of hydration and aeration.

More Bark Products:
Fine Bark: varies between 9-12mm thickness.
Coarse Bark: varies between 12-18mm thickness.

Be sure to read our Component Guide to learn more about Bark

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  • 100% Peat Free

    All of our mixes are fully peat free, 100% freshly made to order and packed with beneficial microfauna. The natural stuff your plants love and need for healthy growth and nutrition.

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